IsoFax - Reliable Faxing from Applications
IsoFax is designed so that server and client functions are independent. This substantially reduces the load on the server eliminating the need to dedicate a machine to being a fax server. The server monitors the queue of faxes submitted by clients, the pool of modems, and logs all fax activity. IsoFax offers server-side coversheets to reduce the load on the client.

Faxes may be submitted to the server from fax clients or through background processes using the IsoFax toolkit/API. Faxes can also be submitted by SMTP email, and MIME attachments can be easily processed into faxes. The IsoFax server integrates with Exchange, making email-to-fax available to PC clients.

Specialized features include least-cost-routing for geographically distributed fax servers, intelligent retries for resending only failed pages in a transmission, and no retries on calls determined to be non-fax calls.