The high quality business fax telephony solution
trabazonConnect is the indirectly-connected switched telephony service from Trabazon, providing lower call costs for a high quality connection for fax. Businesses can leverage the speed and resilience of established telecommunications networks to make national and international calls with the highest levels of reliability. Cost savings can be more than 50% in many cases.

trabazonConnect in operation
trabazonConnect is available to all customers connected to a digital telephone exchange. The service is ultra-fast and exceptionally resilient, with transparent international connections and minimal call set-up time. It provides seamless access to Trabazon’s carrier's all-fibre network, from which extensive interconnections with premier national and international carriers ensure fast and reliable call delivery every time. Migrating from an existing telecoms supplier to trabazonConnect is simple, quick and involves no change to your existing telephone number range bringsing the benefits of trabazonConnect with the minimum of delay.